The Community Land Project



The Community Land Project is looking for land in the Wrexham county area that we can work with to create a community land trust.

We are currently working alongside existing community organisations with the intention of creating a peaceful and sustainable environment for the community. A place where the local and wider communities will have access to learning, skill sharing and life enhancing experiences. We will offer this through organic growing, forest gardening, environmental conservation, permaculture, woodland skills, alternative technologies, complementary healthcare, music, arts and traditional crafts. We will work with local, natural materials for homes and workplaces giving an example of how a community can live with care for the environment and each other.

At the heart of this project will be a community hub building with community gardens providing fresh produce – a meeting place and educational center for local and wider communities – with space for workshops, training, a cafe and community events.

By creating a land trust the land will be protected for future generations to steward the land with respect to the environment and communities around it.

If you have any land or woodland for sale or would like to be involved in any way please feel free to get in touch. We are looking for approximately 23-70 acres (and are also looking at other sizes outside this area)

“Lets create the future”

The Management Committee at

The Community Land Project


Andy Hickie – Events Coordinator at ‘Mountain Music & Arts Association’

Mobile: 07727278384 LL: 01352 780916

Katie Creuynni – Coordinator at ‘Incredible Edible Wrexham’

LL: 01978 356337


You can also contact us via the contact form below and via our facebook page:


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